On 20 Oct-7 Nov 2014 will be three-week course for lecturers and researchers working in higher agricultural and rural education organisations.

Design and Management of InterActive Learning, Action Research and Outreach in Higher Education, 20 Oct - 7 Nov 2014 (IAL - HE2014) - in English

A 3-week course on Interactive Learning Competency for Rural Innovation in Higher Education will take place from 20 October-7 November 2014, in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

For: Lecturers and researchers working in higher agricultural and rural education organisations.

Objectives: The programme will enhance participants' competences to develop, facilitate, and coach interactive learning programmes that involve students and multiple rural stakeholders, to jointly address an innovation challenge.


Modes of instruction: Experiential learning, supported by interactive workshops, based on the experiences of the participants and the context in which they are working. Participants' on-going and/or envisaged learning programmes will be analysed and reflected upon.

Educational requirements: Analytical and problem-solving capabilities equivalent to MSc, PhD or MBA.

Professional experience required: Candidates should have at least 5 years experience in Higher Education and preferably some experience with action-research.

Additional requirements: Candidates have the approval of their institution to participate in this course.






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