About carrying out on November 26-27, 2014 VI International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists on the theme: “Current problems and prospects for the development of agriculture and crop production”


 Dear colleagues!

          Kazakh RI of agriculture and crop production kindly invites you to attend the VIInternational Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists on “Current problems and prospects for the development of agriculture and crop production”, which will be held on November 26-27, 2014.

The working languages will be Kazakh, Russian and English.

Conference topics:

         1. Farming;

         2. Breeding and seed production;

         3. Feed production;

         4. Pest management

 It is expected to publish a collection of reports for the conference. Reports to be published should be submitted no later than September 16, 2014 by e-mail: kiz.konf-2014@mail.ru. (up to 3 pages). Please, indicate the subject of e-mail as ”Conference of Young Scientists".

 Authors are responsible for the writing style, design and accuracy of the material presented in report. The document provided will be considered as original. It will not be edited. The organizing committee retains the right to reject the reports submitted after the deadline and developed inappropriately (Annex 1), including those which are not meeting the conference topics.

 Costs related to participation in the conference will be covered by the participants. If there is a need for a hotel accommodation, please inform us in advance.
Registration fee for the participants: 1500 tenge ($ 8).

Please attach the receipt of payment.

 Please transfer your registration fee to the following account:
Account details: "Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture and Crop production", БИН 071040011961, РНН 090500224764, ИИК KZ056010311000042915 (tenge), ИИК KZ336010311000042993 (USD), АО «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan», БИК HSBKKZKX, КБЕ 17

 Contact address and telephone number of the organizing committee: 040909, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Karasay district, Almalybak village, Erlepesova street, 1 Tel. / Fax: (727) 388-39-25, (72771) 55-193; 53-130. kazniizr@mail.ru

 Annex 1


Document format - Word (doc, RTF), Font style - Times New Roman, point size-14, single line spacing, indentation - 1.0 cm, margins: top, bottom, left, right - 2,0 cm. In upper left corner of the report indicate - “UDC”, below - the title of the report in capital and bold letters (text-align: center). Please, leave the double -space under the title and indicate the name and initials of the authors (text-align: center). Below, write down the full name of institution, city, country, e-mail address (text-align: center). Text of the reports begins a new paragraph through the 2 slots after the name of institution.

 Figures and graphics should be clear, in black and white color (Editor Excel). Bibliography should be given after the main text.
A concise summary in English should be provided in the beginning of the report (10-15 lines). Please, name the file starting with the last name of the first author.



Blank line

Title of the report

Blank line

Name of the author (s)

Full name of institution, city, country, e-mail address

Blank line

Concise summary in English

Blank line

Main text

 Application form:

  1. Family name                          _______________________________________
  2. Name                                               _______________________________________
  3. Middle name                          _______________________________________
  4. Country                                  _______________________________________
  5. Institution                              _______________________________________
  6. Science degree                                 _______________________________________
  7. Position                                  _______________________________________
  8. Title of the report                  _______________________________________
  9. Title of the section                 _______________________________________
  10. Type of participation (highlight): participation without report; participation with report; virtual participation
  11. Tel./fax                                   _______________________________________
  12. E-mail                                     _______________________________________
  13. Date, signature                      _______________________________________




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