The International Scientific-Practical Conference on theme “The role and importance of Fruits, Vegetables and Viticulture in providing safety food in Uzbekistan” will be held May 12, 2017, at the Tashkent State Agrarian University




International Scientific-Practical Conference

The Role and Importance of Fruits, Vegetables and Viticulture in Providing

Safety Food in Uzbekistan


12 May, 2017, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


In Accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP-126 of 13 February, 2017, and approved the Plan of International and Republican Scientific and Scientific-technical Conferences holding in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017, there will be conducted the International Scientific-Practical Conference “The Role and Importance of Fruits, Vegetables and Viticulture in Providing Safety Food in Uzbekistan” on 12 May 2017, at the Tashkent State Agrarian University.

The main directions of the conference:

The regulatory-legal and organizational-economical basis of fruits, vegetables and viticulture development in Uzbekistan.

  1. The importance of soil fertility and soil treatment in increasing yield and production quality of fruits, vegetables and viticulture.
  2. Improvement of storage and processing technology of fruits, vegetables, melons and grapes.
  3. Breeding, seed production and the use of the gene pool of fruit, vegetable crops and grapes.
  4. Integrated pest management in control of diseases and pests of fruits, vegetables and grapes.
  5. Issues on mechanization and automation of production and harvesting of fruits, vegetables and melons.

Conference languages: Uzbek, Russian and English.


Rules for Conference materials:

Articles on 3-4 full pages drawn on A4 paper format, interval 1. The text should be typed in Microsoft Word. Fields 3 cm left, 1,5 cm right, top and bottom sides-2cm, font Times New Roman, font size 14, line space 1.

UDC is indicated above left side of  the title of the article, then the title of the article is written in bold capital letters, through one interval specify the name and initials of the author(s) in short (no more than 3 authors), place of work (full title) in small letters. An abstract (summary) is given after one interval with Tab. After one interval in italics is a summary-abstract of article 100-120words (abstract is given in article written language, after the article follows the article’s name and abstract in 2 languages).

After abstract through one interval 6-10 key words should be written. After key-wordsthe article text follows. The main text consists of the following parts: introduction, research methods and materials, results, conclusions, offers and recommendations, and references. The name of each section is highlighted in the text by interval and written in bold.

The introduction consists of research actuality, present position and objectives.

The methods and materials consist of research methods and applied materials.

The research results include information on done works analyses and results.

Theconclusions, offers and recommendations give the author’s concrete conclusions and recommendations.

The referencesmust consistthelist ofused literature, no more than 5 main sources.


Preparation of scientific articles is designed in accordance with international requirements (see



Other requirements:

Articles must be submitted in paper and electronic form in Word file. Power Point presentation should be prepared separately. The authors’ number should not exceed more than 3 persons, and the first indicated author presents the presentation at general and section meetings.

Presentation slides number must be up to 13-15pages. If there is no opportunity to bring the article to organizing committee, it can be sent to the following e-mail address: The electronic version of the article should be sent in a separate file. Each article and presentation materials should be archived in one  folder (zip or rar). The file name must contain the name of the main author and the section number. For example: section2-U.Akromov.rtf. The Word file should be saved in RTF format. The paper and electronic versions should be identical. The printed version of the article is numbered by a pencil. Pages in electronic version are not numbered.

The materials submission deadline is 20 April 2017.

For additional information: 100140, Tashkent region, Kibray district, University Str., 2, TSAU - main building, 3rd floor, 309, 311 rooms, Research Department (Contact persons: Amanov Shukhrat, Fayziev Oybek, Fayziev Mirziyod), phone: 260-39-73, 260-48-60.

Announcements and other information will be posted at the site of the Tashkent State Agrarian University:

Each participant should fill the following form:

Information about participant of the international scientific-practical conference “The Role and Importance of Fruits, Vegetables and Viticulture in Providing Safety Food in Uzbekistan”

Full name, surname


Scientific degree, honor




Organization name


Mailing address:








Type of lecture (general, section meeting)


Section direction




Coauthors’ full name, surname







In case, the submitted materials don’t meet the requirements, editorial staff has a right not to publish them.







УЎТ: 634.635.514.75.




М.Ю.Ибрагимов, Е.Ш.Торениязов,

Тошкентдавлатаграруниверситети Нукус филиали.


Қорақалпоғистон шароитида мавжуд мева дарахтларидан, сабзавот, полиз ва картошка ўсимликларидан олинадиган ҳосилни кўпайтиришда таъсир этаётган салбий омиллар аниқланган. Бугунги кунгача экилиб ҳосил олинаётган экинларнинг ҳосилдорлигини ошириш бўйича таклифлар берилган. Ушбу агробиоценозда пайдо бўладиган зараркунандалар турлари, биоэкологик ривожланиш ҳолати, айрим турларининг далада пайдо бўлиш ва катта майдонларга тарқалиб зарар келтириш сабаблари ўрганилган. Ҳар йили далада учрайдиган зарарли турларининг ривожланиш динамикаси ва келтирадиган зарари асосида уларга қарши қўллаш натижасида катта самарадорликка эришиш мумкин бўлган тавсия берилган. Қарши кураш усулларини қўллангандаги ўсимликлар ва ташқи муҳитга салбий таъсир этмай-диган ҳолатда кимёвий воситаларни ишлатиш вақти ва меъёрларининг илмий асосланган усуллари кўрсатилган.

Калит сўзлар: Мевадарахтлари, омиллар, агротехник тадбирлар, зараркунандалар, биологиккураш, препаратлар, саморадорлик, ҳосил.


Кириш. Жанубий Орол бўйи минтақасида вужудга келган кескин салбий экологик (чўлланиш жараёни, тупроқ шўрланиши, ҳаво ҳароратининг кўтарилиши, сув танқислиги) вазиятлар натижасида ҳудудларнинг суғориб экиладиган экин майдонларининг тупроқ ҳосилдорлигининг пасайиши (ўртача 41,3 балл бонитет) сабабли қишлоқ хўжалиги, шу жумладан, мева, сабзавот, картошка ва полиз экинларидан олинадиган ҳосилдорлик миқдори камайиб бормоқда (пахта 17-21 ц/га, буғдой 35-40 ц/га, картошка 50-70 ц/га ва ҳоказо). Шу сабабдан минтақа шароитида мева, сабзавот ва узум маҳсулотларини етиштиришда, соҳада фан ва илғор ишлаб чиқаришга асосланган ташкилий ва агротехник усуллардан фойдаланиш долзарб ҳисобланади.

Услублар ва материаллар. Қорақалпоғистон шароитида экилаётган мева, сабзавот, полиз ва картошка ўсимликлари турлари, таъсир этадиган омиллар аниқланган ва таҳлиллар ишланган. Далада учрайдиган зараркунандалар, уларнинг биологик ривожланиш динамикаси, келтирадиган зарари, ўтказиладиган кураш тадбирларини олиб боришнинг илмий асосларини ўрганиш учун махсус Ш.Т.Хўжаев [3] услублари асосида олиб борилди. Ўтказилган тадқиқотлар намуналарини танлаш, вариантларни жойлаштириш, рендомизирован усулда олиб борилиб, олинган маълумотларнинг статистик таҳлили Б.Д.Доспехов [2] услуби ёрдамида амалга оширилди.

Тадқиқот натижалари. Кузатишлар натижаси шуни тақозо этадики, мауммонинг асосий сабаби туман ва туманлараро мева ва ток кўчатлари, сабзавот, полиз ва картошканинг навли уруғларини етиштириш билан шуғулланадиган уруғчилик хўжаликларини ташкил этиш ва меваларнинг паст ва пакана бўйли нав-ларини етиштирадиган питомникларини ишлатиш, сабзавотларнинг гетерозисли дурагай шаклларига эътибор қаратишнинг суст олиб борилиши.

Хулоса, таклиф ва тавсиялар. Бу борадаги ўтказилаётган тадқиқодлар натижасида ҳудуд шароитида мева, сабзавот ва узум етиштиришда қуйидаги хулосаларга келиб, ишлаб чиқаришга тавсиялар берилди.

Мева, сабзавот, полиз ва картошканинг ҳудуд шароитига мослаштирилган навли уруғларини етиштирадиган хўжаликларини ташкил этиш; ҳудуд тупроқ ва иқлим шароитларига мос бўлган мева ва сабзавот турларини ва навларини танлаб экиш; замонавий интенсив боғлар барпо этишда тупроқларнинг мелиоратив ҳолатига катта эътибор қаратиш, ер ости сувлари паст жойлашган майдонларга экиш; мева ва сабзавот маҳсулотларини сақлашнинг замонавий услубларидан фойдаланиш; энг замонавий технологияларни қўллаш туфайли мева, сабзавот, картошка ва полиз маҳсулотларини қайта ишлаш ва тоза ҳолида экспорт қилишга эътибор қаратиш.


Фойдаланилган адабиётлар:

1. Гар К.А. Методы испытания токсичности и эффективности инсектицидов. Сельскохозяйственная литература, журналы и плакаты. – М.: Колос, 1963. – С. 222-226.

2. Доспехов Б.Д. Методика полевых опыта (4-ое изд.). – М.: Колос, 1986. - 415 с.




М.Ю.Ибрагимов, Е.Ш.Торениязов


Установлены отрицательные факторы, влияющие на повышение урожайности плодовых деревьев, овоще -бахчевых культур и картошки в условиях Каракалпакстана. Даны рекомендации по повышению урожайности культур, высеваемых на сегодняшний день. Изучены виды вредителей, появляющихся в данном агробиоценозе, состояние биоэкологического развития, причины возникновения и распространения в больших масштабах, вредоносности некоторых видов на полях. Дана рекомендация, позволяющая достижение большой эффективности на основе изучения динамики развития и вредоносности видов вредителей, встречающихся ежегодно на полях.

При использовании методов борьбы указаны научно обоснованные методы временного и нормированного использования, отрицательно не влияющие на растения и окружающую среду.




M.Ibragimov, E.Toreniyazov


Negative factors, influenced on increasing yields of available fruit trees, vegetables, watermelons, melons, gourds, and potatoes have been established in condition of Karakalpakistan. Recommendations have been given on increasing yields of sown plants. The types of pests appeared in the agro biocenes, conditions ofbiological development, reasons of appearance of their some types in fields, their distribution to a large area, and damage has been learned. Recommendation has been given which may effect in the cases of application against them on the basis of their development dynamics of their yearly appeared types and their damage. The method of scientific based date and measures have been specified which are non damage to plants and environment in the cases of application against these pests.





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