Information resource center of TSAU

Information resource center of Tashkent State Agrarian University

IRC is located on the territory of university and housed in spacious, bright rooms of the first and second floor of new building. IRC has specialized reading rooms: for students, graduates and faculty. Relevant information can be obtained by using alphabetical and systematic catalogs and card indexes. Also books can be selected by open access.

Currently, IRC has become one of the largest agricultural universities of the country. Its funds are more than 1122196 copies, units printed in Uzbek, Russian and foreign languages. Annually, in the book fund receives about 3.2 thousand copies of textbooks and manuals. In addition, it is always updated with new and methodical literatures. The fund many unique collections of books and bibliographic card files transmitted former teachers.


Computer room to find necessary resources


In the reading room on the second floor there are 80 computers for students and teachers. IRC has departments such as:

  • Scientific and methodical department;
  • Picking books;
  • Reading room;
  • Information-bibliographical department;
  • Storing books;
  • Information-technological department.

There is a hall of foreign literature and political literature.

Faollar zali is very modern and equipped meeting room for video conferences, meetings and lectures for all sorts of audiences. Open, airy and bright room located on the second floor of the IRC and equipped with the necessary equipment and furniture. It is designed for students about 100-120 people, in the center there is an oval table for the participantsand students. It is suitable for holding international conferences and trainings. IRC systematically promotes socio-political, agricultural, scientific, and technical and fiction holds reader’s conferences, themed evenings, talks, prepares book exhibitions. IRC has information-bibliographic and information-technical rooms.

In the IRC work 38 people, most of them have higher and secondary special education. The IRC personnel with the management of the Kurbanova M.F ensures students, senior researchers applicants, faculty and employers of the university with necessary literature and information, that makes a worthy contribution to the training of qualified personnel for agriculture.

The library appreciates the partnership and cooperation with the people and with various organizations to achieve access to information.




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