Uzbekistan to produce rice on the basis of new technologies

Date: 05.08.2019

Uzbekistan will cultivate rice from seedlings with the help of modern machines of the South Korean company Tong Yang Moolsang.

This new technology will increase yields, reduce the growing season, save up to 70-75 percent of seeds and effectively use up to 20-25 percent of water. This was noted during a training seminar organized by the Research and production center of agriculture and food supply, the Research Institute of rice growing in our country in cooperation with the KOPIA center under the Administration for the development of agriculture of the Republic of Korea in Uzbekistan.

At this time, the machines of the Korean company were brought from Korea for sowing and planting seedlings, as well as the RF-48 PRO600V brand, experiments are being conducted to improve the technology of rice cultivation by upgrading and increasing fertility.

-The main part of the world's population uses rice, in particular, Uzbekistan also has a great need for this product. Therefore, it is very important for this country to grow rice by effective methods. We cooperate with our colleagues in the implementation of the most advanced technologies of Korea in Uzbekistan, the creation of new varieties of rice, their adaptation to the conditions of Uzbekistan, professional development of specialists in the field, —the head of the KOPIA center under the Administration for the development of agriculture of the Republic of Korea in Uzbekistan, Professor An Hee Sung said.

As the Director of The research Institute of rice production of Uzbekistan Masud Sattorov noted, if today on 1 hectare of rice is planted on average for 12 hours, now with the help of manual control machines during this time can plant rice on 1.5-2 hectares of land. With help of the machines, it will be possible to plant seedlings on 7-8 hectares, which increase productivity. Planting rice seedlings is much more effective than the method of planting seeds. Today, more than 95 percent of the rice crop is grown by planting seedlings.

This year, Uzbekistan plans to plant rice on 114,000 hectares of land, of which 57,900 hectares is the land of the main crop and 56,100 hectares — an area freed from grain crops.





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