Uzbek agricultural products conquer European markets

Date: 08.02.2020

These days, the capital of Germany hosts one of the world’s largest agricultural exhibitions, Fruit Logistica-2020, Dunyo reported.

With the assistance of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Germany, the export potential of the agricultural sector of the republic at the exhibition was presented by a number of large foreign trade companies and farms from different regions of our country, which presented their products at a single national stand. Here is a wide range of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, various seasonings, dried fruits and other products.

During the first two days of the fair, a large number of businessmen, including from Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Israel and other countries, who showed great interest in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with Uzbek suppliers, have already visited the booth of Uzbekistan agricultural products.

During the negotiations with foreign partners, the prospects of cooperation in various fields were discussed, as a result of a number of meetings, agreements were reached on signing contracts for the supply of Uzbek products to European countries.

As part of the event, members of the Uzbek delegation will also meet with large German wholesale and retail chains such as EDEKA, REWE, Bolu and Monolith-Gruppe, and will visit leading fruit and vegetable processing companies.

In an interview with IA Dunyo, some visitors to the International Exhibition Fruit Logistica - 2020 shared their impressions of the Uzbek stand and their views on the prospects for cooperation in the agricultural sector.

Business Development Manager, International United Makina (Turkey):

- Having visited the national stand of Uzbekistan, I again became convinced of the high professionalism of Uzbek entrepreneurs and the quality of their products. I am very interested in establishing long-term business cooperation with businessmen from your country.

Our family company was founded in 1934 by my grandfather, and I am a third-generation businessman. We specialize mainly in the cultivation of agricultural products such as figs, apricots and raisins. Over the past century-long history of our company, we have been able to develop an extensive network of customers around the world and are currently looking for new products and reliable suppliers.

Uzbekistan in this regard is one of the suitable partners. I studied the huge agricultural potential of your country, which is one of the largest producers of raisins, apricots, almonds, figs and other dried fruits. They are very tasty and meet high quality standards. We could cooperate and export products from Uzbekistan to the Middle East, EU, USA and other countries.

We also have a second company that manufactures equipment for processing dried fruits. We have already sold 6 product lines to Uzbekistan. I think that with such advanced technologies we could also contribute to the development of the industry in Uzbekistan.

We are ready to help Uzbek entrepreneurs find their poverty in the German market. I hope that your exporters and producers can establish very useful contacts and achieve the signing of futures contracts for the export of agricultural products from Uzbekistan to other countries.

Natalia Bamatova, Regional Representative of Eurofresh Distribution Magazine:

- I am very glad that Uzbek entrepreneurs are taking part in this fair. This is a very good chance to show Uzbek high-quality products and make them known to international consumers. It is very pleasant to see at the Uzbek stand a large number of visitors who came here and became interested in your melons, pomegranates and dried fruits. I think this is the best way to promote your products.

In our magazine we write about world producers of fresh fruits and vegetables. From year to year, we see an increase in the number of exhibitors from Uzbekistan at international agricultural exhibitions. This clearly demonstrates the potential of your country and its interest in expanding its export opportunities. I think that Uzbekistan is becoming an important exporter in the international fruit and vegetable market.

For our part, we could also help promote high-quality products of Uzbek manufacturers and hope to establish long-term successful cooperation.

Senior expert of the German International Agricultural Society "DLG International GmbH", Alfons Gobel:

- I am very impressed with the stand of Uzbekistan, which is located in one of the central pavilions of the Berlin Exhibition Center. The stand is informative and convenient; here you can not only familiarize yourself with the presented products, but also enrich the regional geographic knowledge of Uzbekistan.

Today we discussed with Uzbek specialists promising areas of cooperation in the agricultural sector. We were convinced of the great potential for developing partnerships, in particular in the field of processing of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with Uzbek companies on a long-term basis.





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