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Technology of economical use of resourсes in cotton-growing

Author: Docent of chair “The use and maintainance with agriculturel machines” of TSAU B.B Khudayarov

The tasks of technology:

This method consist of next: straight planted sprouts of cotton-plant on little hills dispose next to row’s bottom together with root soil, divide into two parts and press, the remaining soil of  hill cut by layers and dig by the method of filling up, to form instead of existing rows the new hills and instead of ex-hills the new rows.

 The advantages of technology:

The processes of technology are made on next regime:

  1. the straight planted sprouts on hills are disposed next to row’s bottom.
  2. the cotton plant in rows is divided on two and pressed on the bottom of the row.
  3. the existing hill is cut and divided into two low layers and each of  them is turned out on the top of each separate spront of cotton plant.
  4. the technology finishes by forming of new row instead of existing hills and on the plac of existing row the new hill is formed on the bottom of which is digged cotton plant.

Perfomance of technology processes:

- on the first process – firstly,the law of returning of cotton plant into the soil in the kind of feeding substance, secondly, the expenses on cotton field cleaning are economized;

- on the second process – accelerates the process of rotting, during the cotton spronts treatment the branches of cotton do not hook on working organs of aggregate;

-on the third process – firstly, for the soil is turned out by layers it is not necessary to loosen the soil, as a result, the expenses for loosing, straightening, horrowing are economized;

secondly, hills creation prevents the forming of big lumps, thirdly, the deep digging of weeds seeds is ensuared.

-on the forth process – new rows and hills are formed completely and the expenses on hills forming are economized.

The universality of technology is that it is possible to prepare the field for wheat growing.

The convinience of combined aggregate use is:

▲ the combined aggregate in hanging condition can be joined to tractor, that relieves its transportation from one field to another;

▲ the absence of inner rotating organs of aggregate relieves its operating.

 Technical properties of combined aggregate


The view of aggregate



The work quality, hr/hour



Sizes, mm












Weight, kg









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